I used to play in a band called Water. We put the band together initially around 1993, and it was me playing guitar and singing, Heather Gurley playing percussion and singing, and Paul Ravenscraft singing, playing bass, and occasionally switching over to guitar.

Eventually, Paul left the band, and Matt Flynn joined the band after I caught up with him and asked him to do some percussion with Heather. Jer Morgan joined the band eventually on bass, and at one point we even had Steve Nicholson playing percussion with us and Shawn Schray on poetry and vocals.

It was a highly experimental band, and we did some awesome stuff around town, playing local venues and impressing people with the stuff we did. We even recorded a bunch of unreleased material – that is, unreleased until now. These tracks were recorded in 1996 at Toby Ellis’ basement studio in Clifton, and he did an awesome job. Here’s some tracks:

Play Swim - water
Play Gone - water
Play One By One - water
Play Passages - water
Play Sister - water

Finally, here’s a track that Matt and I recorded up in my old attic in Clifton. It’s one of my first decent recordings.

Play Moan - water